About us

We shape emotions

We, at TAA Group, are a family of entertainment professionals. Creatives, Designers, Engineers and Craftsmen that are all driven by one common motivation: to create Magical Worlds that have never been seen before!

We are there for you in any stage of the realization of your dream. Some dreams are so clear you only want them to be realized with craftsmanship, attention to detail and the ambition to create breathtaking sights. Others are more dreamy and require a team of Creatives and Designers to help you make them come true.

For all of your dreams we provide turnkey solutions. With Garmisch Consulting GmbH, you can extend your project team with the industry’s top ranked Creatives and Designers that will help to develop and visualize your dreams with beautiful artwork, 3-D environments and detailed construction documents customized to your location, budget and identity. These visuals inspire our sculptors and painters in Theming and Animatronics industries SA, where we produce and create structures that will take your visitors on an amazing journey to immersive environments and live these compelling experiences. To ensure this happens to your wishes, we have a team of Art-Directors and Project Managers working onsite. And they all share one common characteristic: the drive to create.

This drive to create, to make dreams become reality, is what unites us with our clients. We share the same goal as Merlin Entertainments, Compagnie des Alpes, Studio 100, Europa-Park, Legoland, Sea Life, Center Parcs, Parques Reunidos and Warner, the goal to make ideas come to life and amaze visitors of all ages.

This amazement of visitors will take them on an adventure that is only possible in this world that we created. They will feel excitement, fear, relief, courage, secure, love and happiness while living your dream. So in the end, we do more than shaping dreams…


Udo Weisenburger